The red metro line of Milan one of the pulsating veins of the city and its inhabitants who pass through it daily.

For the MSGM FW24 fashion show Massimo Giorgetti once again chooses Milan as the starting point to talk about a collection born after a profound reflection on today’s frenetic peace.

Time takes on a new value, the concept of speed takes on a different meaning.

The four-handed collaboration between Massimo Giorgetti and Franco Albini Foundation, architect and designer of the first M1 metro line opened in 1964, takes the tubular handrails, emblem of the Milanese subway, transforming them into brooches and an inlaid decorations on the season’s coats.

All the prints are created thanks to exclusive images taken using the features of the Google Pixel 8 and its camera based on artificial intelligence. MSGM team used Google Pixel 8 devices to create unique patterns, capturing images across the Milan metropolitan area with AI-driven capabilities. The collaboration between Google and MSGM is the first of the tech company with a fashion brand.

The dialogue between MSGM and Google will touch on various events in the coming months and will conclude during the Salone del Mobile.

MSGM, always linked to art, reveals a collaboration with the Portoguese artist Tiago Alexandre who also focuses on velocity, in this case motorcycles. The helmets, protective elements for speed, are in this case the main focus in prints and details. This show is all about speed – everything's moving at a rapid pace: does time go faster than a motorbike? A subway? Of technology? Could it be that this is what we call growing up, getting old, living? Do we ever truly reach maturity?

Do we really need to go that fast?