“But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”
(John Keating, Dead Poets Society).

“Freedom, Empathy, Love” is MSGM’s Pre-fall 2023, inspired in part by Peter Weir’s legendary film, Dead Poets Society, as a veritable song of praise dedicated to vitality, rebellion, freedom of expression and the pursuit of one’s dreams but above all, to the power of literature and poetry, of words and ideas, of Art in any of its forms. “Happiness is the way” reads one print, juxtaposed with the emblem of the imaginary MSGM Dreamers University where happiness is a social, cultural and artistic responsibility, the mission of those who dare to throw their hearts beyond any obstacle. “It is a romantic collection, in which inspiration from college and sporty touches speak of a bright yet delicate and reflective idea of youth,” says Massimo Giorgetti, Creative Director. He adds: “I wanted to interpret all of the strength of young women who approach the world with enthusiasm but also with a spirit of responsibility, with a desire to change things and to bring beauty – just as Weir’s film suggests – where perhaps they are not so carefree but they are certainly intelligent and courageous.”