Men's Spring Summer 2023

“In the middle of time there exists the possibility of an island,” wrote Michel Houellebecq in his legendary, and cynical, novel “The Possibility of an Island”: even between the waves of a stormy sea there is still the mirage of an island to land on. “We need to ignite some fantasy, to pass from dystopia to utopia,” added Massimo Giorgetti, talking about the menswear Spring/Summer collection 2023. Like the Resort 2023, it talks of an untouched, spectacular and free place, an island that (perhaps) doesn’t exist: it is a theatre of dreams, an ecosystem that is intact, in which Mankind and Nature coexist in complete harmony.

Presented in the setting of Piazza Olivetti in Milan, in the city’s new Brenta hub, the collection revolves around cement and water, like on an island suspended between what is urban and what is uncontaminated, with the soundtrack from the series The White Lotus, by the Canadian/Chilean composer Cristobal Tapia De Veer. On one side of the piazza there is a big reflecting sign reading “TU SEI FUTURO" (You are Future), which seems to talk the language of the iconic MSGM quotes, and to remind us that the tension towards a future of possibilities does indeed start from every one of us.

Never Look Back, It’s All Ahead!