“Sogno Off Road”: inspired by Massimo Giorgetti’s Tanzanian trip, the MSGM Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is like a dream interrupted, when the early morning sun illuminates uncharted lands, heralding the dawn of a new day — an invitation to embark on an exploration of boundless territories awaiting discovery.

As one dream fades, another unfolds, blurring the lines between imagination and reality: wonders materialize before our eyes, surpassing the limits of our wildest fantasies. It’s nature revealing itself in its purest form — a dream brought to life, experienced with eyes wide open.

The collection's hues dance between the ethereal and the terrestrial. Earthy tones reminiscent of sand, brown or green, celestial sky blues and lilacs. Vibrant orange hues ignite the collection with a fiery energy, just as they set the African horizon ablaze during savannah sunsets.

Fabrics are organic and tactile, prints have natural textures, they are delicate and elevated. On black tailored looks, frayed cotton mimics the texture of zebra coats, while cow prints recall the animals roaming on African plains. Terracotta or sand eco leather with grey-and-milk veining incorporates the textures of the earth itself, while knitwear and denim look like they’ve been burned through fire, or stained with natural terrain. The delicate daisies blooming in arid lands appear on jacquard cotton or jacquard denim on which they transcend into abstraction.

As a signature detail on tank tops, tees and polos, a handcrafted logo designed by the Creative Director.

Giorgetti's saturated iPhone photographs of Tanzanian nature appear on bowling shirts and tank tops — Safari elements that fueled his inspiration (torchlights, sturdy jeeps and other Safari essentials) adorn colourful jersey pieces. Designs are sharp and practical, filled with workwear-inspired details: pocketed shirts and overshirts, wide cargos or micro shorts. Utility accessories take center stage, with pocketed camera bags, hiking hats and rugged desert boots.

As the melodies of TSVI's "Sogno EP" resonate throughout the show, an “exploration of different dreamlike experiences and altered states of consciousness” unfolds. ASMR insertions and Italian spoken words add a touch of enchantment, completing the immersive journey of the collection. “Sogno, nel silenzio si nascondo i sogni” (dreams hide in the silence): a poetic mantra perfectly captures the magnificent mystery of silent spaces in the early morning, where this seasonal fantasy was born.