“In a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none, is it therefore the less gone? All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream”. (Edgar Allan Poe)

Multifaceted, vibrant, surreal. An infinite journey, a "dream within a dream”. Chromatic rhythm. Energy. Color-blocked sophistication.

Snow white, or deep black. Stone grey. Clean looks, minimalist glamour.

Then pattern and prints, accents of color. Mauve, electric yellow, taffy pink, rose quartz. Emerald, dark orchid, scarlet red, chocolate brown. Acid textures, kaleidoscopic visions.
Prophetic visions of farseeing beauty.

Fabric and skin. Transparent knitwear, ribbons and knots. Glimpses of light. Metallic pearls, lurex. Faux fur everywhere, all fluffy everything. Hairy accessories, soft clouds of bouclé wool.
Animalier! Obsessive, hallucinatory. Watercolour drips. Two-toned tableaux. Fur trompe-l’oeils. Striped shirts. Pinstriped coats. Geometric cues. Flocked denim, iridescent textures.
MSGMAGMA: the collection’s graphic zenit. A dream of a print. Saturated. Hypersophisticated.
ILLUSION: a digital landscape, the collection’s icon.

Nature and technology melting into each other. Chimeric, illusory, fantastic. A hidden world behind the doors of perception. Majestic spaces of an empty venue. A white canvas, a blank page to write on. Psychedelic melodies: The Chemical Brothers, Vanessa Paradis.
What the eyes can see, the mind believes. Perfect your senses.