Poetic and ironic at the same time, the Spring/Summer 2023 collection is like a cinema fairy tale with an unexpected plot twist: it starts out as a romantic comedy, it ends up as an action movie. It is the story of an imaginary wedding, told on the dividing line between sweetness and irreverence, with a charismatic actress who seems almost to be directing the film, rather than being directed. Like the protagonist of Truffaut's “La Mariée Était en Noir” (The Bride in Black), she is fierce beyond all appearances.

“I wanted to speak of an unconventional romanticism, one that is tender but also caustic,” says Massimo Giorgetti, the Creative Director, “that is why I have explored the idea of a very intense woman, in whom both aspects blend together naturally.” There are photos of Milla Jovovich wearing a veil and a crown of flowers – from a 1999 copy of Dazed – on the mood board, and also some of Uma Thurman in a wedding dress from the Kill Bill film: “there is candor, there is magnetism, and there is purity, but there is also sexiness.”

With an iconoclastic spirit, MSGM plays with the cornerstones of codified femininity, rethinking them in a hyper-contemporary way. With insolence and a sprinkling of madness, it remixes the iconographic elements of classic wedding imagery, deconstructing and decontextualizing them.

“A wedding is a celebration of the wish to be together and have fun, of zest for life” adds Massimo Giorgetti, “and there is nothing more MSGM than that!”