A new spring.
A sense of positivity is adding extra light to colours.
Bright blues, fluorescent lilacs, fuchsia, orange and greens. The fluo highlights and charged tones so typical of MSGM are back.
There is the creativity of a “techno nature”, of a TECHNICOLOUR world that is like a secret place, lively, saturated and kaleidoscopic.
Following a flow of free associations, the collection’s aesthetics are increasingly graphic, in a constant interplay of colours and shapes, of artsy quotes that become an obsession.
From diamond-shape motifs, like a new argyle, inspired by the work of Paolo Gonzato, to flowers impressed on torn “wallpapers” by the Artist Gabriel Orozco. Inspired by Jim Dine's paintings, hearts become MSGM's seasonal statement for a universal and self-love.
"Express yourself"
"Love yourself"
"Love the world"